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Our aim is to point to excellent openly available resources for medical education.

  • For all levels, beginner to postgraduate
  • For all professions (doctor, nurse, clinical officer, medical student, other)
  • Anywhere in the world

Some of the resources are our own, but for most we are pointing to carefully selected open educational resources from anywhere in the world. Browse the curriculum, or simply search for a term from any page.

We are slowly adding resources so if there isn’t much in your area yet, please come back.

Acute Medicine
Clinical Biochemistry
Critical Care
Emergency Med (A&E)
Genitourinary Med (GUM)
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Infectious Diseases
Nursing Care
Pain Management
Palliative Care
Public Health

Each section has a curator. Tell us what we’ve got wrong, what we’ve missed. Suggest new resources, or Contact us


Study in Edinburgh from wherever you are

You can join our online course to study Internal Medicine with tutors and a set curriculum, commencing each September. It will use these resources with online tutorials, tests, and a research element in Year 3.

Follow this link to visit theĀ Edinburgh Internal Medicine online MSc website.


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