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Renal Association CKD guide

This is an excellent point of reference for CKD-related issues.킠 It is succint and to-the-point and the reader is directed to other appropriate resources for further information.킠 It does not, however, provide suffient detail for learning about CKD principles킠for the inexperienced reader.

Posted By:   Iain Drummond
Last Edited: June 9, 2012

CKD – a guide for primary care (BRS)

This website has been set up as a resource for primary care physicians caring for patients with CKD.킠 It is nicely presented.킠 The sections on management, referral criteria and prescribing are probably most useful.킠 The general CKD overviews are probably less useful. Downsides:킠킠 disconcerting that on the home page under the section “Why use this […]

Posted By:   Iain Drummond
Last Edited: June 10, 2012

Tufts: acid base notes

These open-access lecture notes series provide notes on an introduction to acid base disorders, metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis.킠 They are very clearly laid out and start from 1st principles as well as giving some clinical examples.킠 They would benefit from further clinical examples with worked solutions.

Posted By:   Iain Drummond
Last Edited: June 9, 2012
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