Cardiovascular examination videos

Here are a selection of sites with cardiovascular exam illustrated by video – generally pretty good and score 3-5 stars:

1. University of Bristol, UK킠Aiming at the exam scenario. 킠Series of short videos with interspersed questions to answer. Nice.

2. Geeky medics, UK.킠By medical students for medical students. 8 minute video as one would exam the CVS in the exam situation. Slick.

3. University of Virginia,US. 10 mins. 킠Slightly stilted. However, the site also provides a comprehensive written explanation + photos.

4. University of Wisconsin, US.킠Advanced CVS exam – In depth look at the jugular venous pressure (JVP), and apex beat. <7mins.

5. Conneticut, US. Nearly 20 minute video. 킠A bit of preamble followed by very thorough exam interspersed with some audio clips of heart sounds.

6. St Georges Clinical Skills: Comprehensive MRCP style examination videos for systemic examination.About 10 min each.

7. Paediatric CVS examination, OER. A downloadable zip file containing video from the University of Ghana. 킠A few MCQs self assess too. The video is 15 mins.

8. Macleod’s examination of the cardiovascular system 13mins. 킠Youtube video with preceding advert. 킠Examination with voiceover. Professional.





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Last Edited: February 4, 2013


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