Cardiovascular examination – “virtual stethoscopes”

Several sites have audio of heart sounds and murmurs so you can practice diagnosing heart problems online – generally very good and score 4-5 stars.

The auscultation assistant킠 Dr Chris Cable, UCLA. 킠Simple and easy to use. Audio files of common cardiac murmurs and respiratory pathology are explained briefly in text.

Heart sounds and murmurs킠Prof Pinsky and Prof Wipf, University of Washington. 킠Textual information on cardiovascular examination accompanied by audio examples.킠 Some evidence based material on accuracy of diagnosis.

Easy auscultation – heart sounds킠Interactive audio cases, with plenty of scope for repitition training to familiarise yourself with heart sounds and murmurs. Each audio is accompanied by a written description, a diagramatic waveform and an anatomical moving diagram.킠 Option to self test with quick quiz.

Blaufuss Multimedia – heart sounds킠킠Interactive with diagrams, animations and audio and videos of real patients with pathologic signs.킠 Interactive quiz is based on cases and is really nicely done.


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30-60 mins

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