The ECG: explained in text

We’ve collected some resources readily found on the net which are equivalent to those found in books. 킠Generally as these are descriptive texts they are suitable for beginners but score only 3 stars as there are no learning activities/interactive elements. 킠They are, however, useful to read before using the other resources listed or as reference texts.

1.Interpreting 12 lead ECGs: A piece by piece analysis 킠This journal article from킠The Nurse Practitioner킠aims to show the essential aspects of ECG interpretation through the use of several helpful diagrams and ECG tracings. A useful starting point for those new to ECGs.

2. How to read an electrocardiogram킠A brief article on the basics of the ECG. Simple diagrams along with normal ECG tracings are included in order to provide a sense of ECG fundamentals. A useful resource for someone new to ECGs or for those looking to refresh their memory.

3. Basic principles of the ECG킠As suggested by the title, this pdf document explains the basic concepts behind ECGs along with some of the mechanical components of cardiac function. Helpfully there is also a guide to performing and interpreting the 12 lead ECG.


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