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Acute renal failure (Medscape)

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Level B

30-60 mins
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This open-access article is content-rich (long) but rather theoretical rather than practical, yet glosses over uncertainties around pathogenesis etc.킠 Doesn’t really fill the bill fully as either a clinical introduction or as a theoretical learning resource, but there is a lot there, and it’s free. The articles in Medscape‘s Reference section, which you can access […]

Acid Base Tutorial (U Connecticut)

University of Connecticut have produces this nice, interactive step through ABG learning resource with a section showing clinical cases.

AKI – Scottish Intensive Care Society module (part 1)

This 11 page primer module from the Scottish Intensive Care Society discusses the presentation, assessment and immediate management of acute kidney injury (AKI, = ARF). Suitable for junior doctors/ senior medical students. No figures and not very beautifully presented, but has key content in a form that is quick to read without too much clicking. […]

Cardiology Algorithms

This self assessment module looks at acute cardiology/ advanced life support clinical scenario algorithms using a quiz format (11 questions)

NHS Lothian (Scotland) emergency care handbook

Covers treatment of emergency conditions from anaphylaxis to hyperkalaemia. Covers all common diabetic emergencies. Needs to be made more usable/ searchable format. Skip past the first pages which are full of local information

ECG Wave-Maven: Self-assessment program for students and clinicians

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Level BLevel C

Less than 10 mins
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Developed by Harvard Medical School, this web based tutorial links in to more than 400 ECGs linked to clinical scenarios with multiple choice question and answer facilites. A fantastic teaching tool.

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