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12 minute podcast discussing hypothyroidism aetiology, clinical symptoms and treatment.

The Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure

A useful document discussing the킠 causes, classification, epidemiology and management of hypertension using evidence based literature

Advanced Physical Diagnosis Learning and Teaching at the Bedside

This site contains interactive resources/ audio recordings etc. that relate to the diagnosis of a number of clinical decisions. Modules are in Heart sounds and murmurs, liver and ascites, neck veins, pulmonary and thyroid. For example contains mp3 recording of heart murmurs and movie clips of JVP and respiratory examination. and other areas relating to […]

Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders: Merck Manual Professional

This text heavy resource contains information relating to the pathophysiology and clinical management of a number of endocrine disorders. It is fairly comprehensive but would benefit some diagrams/ images

Cleveland Clinic- Endocrinology

This text and diagram based web resource cover aspects of pathophysiology through to clinical management. It currently contains information on diabetes mellitus, diabetes foot disease, thyroid disease, obesity, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, calcium disorders, male hypogonadism, pituitary disorders and contains further suggested reading The Endocrine Source

This site describes itself as “The complete, authoritative, constantly updated, down-loadable source on clinical endocrinology”. It is certainly comprehensive with a massive amount of information cover all endocrine disease from pathophysiology through to clinical management, common to obscure. Each subject is divided into lots of subsections, so you have to do a few clicks to […]

Pathophysiology of the Endocrine System- Colorado State University

This site contains a nice introduction and overview of endocrinology covering all aspects of biology and pathophysiology. It then goes through the individual endocrine organs in more detail. It is nicely edited with good images and pictures. It is an excellent introduction to the topic or revision those in clinical years. It is also nicely […]

Clinical Cases and Images: Endocrinology Case-based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine

This site provides a case based curriculum using problem based learning scenarios and links to other resources such as the NEJM (Images in Clinical Medicine)- may need a instiutional login for some of these links. A nice breadth of cases in each discipline and a great resource for tutors and teachers.

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

Society for American Association of Clincial Endocrinologists website. Useful for specialists in the field.

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists- guidelines

Links to all the major US guidelines produced for the management of endocrine disease in the USA

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