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British Society of Gastroenterology

Within the킠 ‘education’ section there are a number of interactive cases for trainees- see case of the month or A lot of the content can be accessed with a guest login in. For other content on the site you may need an NHS or email address

Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons

This society website contains some educational material including a link to their video library ( showing procedures and lectures, and clinical case series and information about procedures.

The DAVE Project- Atlas of Endoscopy

The DAVE Project, an acronym for the Digital Atlas of Video Education, is a collection of teaching tools. The project consists of a gastrointestinal endoscopy video atlas and medical lectures and presentations (audio lectures/ powerpoints/ podcasts). Physicians are encouraged to submit material, for consideration, new entries to expand the atlas. The site also contains a […]

BIDMC GI Teaching Lab

This site contains 킠 a large number of powerpoint presentation on various GI related topics. There is no audio/ discussion nots on them, making their use a stand alone resource limited

The Merck Manuals

This resource has fact sheet information about most gastrointestinal conditions with a few interspersed podcasts

Jackson Sigelbaum Gastroenterology

This is mainly a commercial website but does have some useful information on gastrointestinal disease (click on disease tab) for patients or students. The endoscopy tabs has some endoscopy images that may be useful for trainees.

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