CKD: a course for primary care (UK; BRS)

This online course is aimed at education of primary care physicians but could be useful for anyone wanting to know more about CKD. It works it way through anatomy, pathophysiology, diagnosis, management and links to guidelines. Nicely produced with colourful diagrams and links for more information, but:

  • Cumbersome process to get a free login, it keeps defaulting to try to make you pay.킠 Why is a login thought necessary?
  • Almost all text and very few pictures.
  • It would be difficult to learn from scratch from this material, yet quite a lot of elementary stuff is included.
  • Difficult to find the content you want.
  • All this info is available elsewhere
  • Guidelines on referral are UK recommendations.킠 Some idiosyncratic payments issues (QOF points) are UK-specific.

Give it an extra star if you are UK-based.

From the British Renal Society, sponsored by Shire but no advertising.


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Level B


British Renal Society


2 hours

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Last Edited: June 10, 2012


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