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HHMI Virtual Cardiology Lab


The Virtual Cardiology Lab focues on heritable diseases of the heart. You are cast here as a virtual intern to accompany a doctor examining three different patients. Each patient is examined, using more than one diagnostic tool, and at each stage, the doctor will invite you to examine the patient yourself and ask for your […]

Dynamic Cardiac Rhythym Simulator


Part of the McGill University site, the tool generates visual and audio cardiac rhythms, it includes games and learning programmes

AIDA interactive tool


This interactive tool (driven by downloadable software) is helpful in education and teaching about insulin dose adjusting. It simulated what will happen to glucose levels after certain insulin doses.

Open University – Diabetes Complications


This high quality interactive module looks at the way diabetes is managed once it has been diagnosed in order to reduce the risk of further complications. It is useful for junior doctors though to newly diagnosed patients. It focues on patient based scenarios to look at a modern healthcare systems and procedures to manage diabetes […]

Open University – Obesity


This high quality interactive module looks at the science behind obesity, examining the dietary, physiological and genetic contributons. Its quite a meaty module (it says it takes 15 hours, but this is probably an overestimate for most), but it may require a few sittings. Good for health care professionals interested in this field, and scientists […]

Open University – Living with Diabetes


This high quality interactive module introduces the parts of the body and processes involved in the development of diabetes. A good overview of the physiology of diabetes. Useful for health professionals (nurses, medical students, junior doctors) and motivated patients. There are scattered clinical scenarios throughout. These module take a few hours to complete, but worth […]

Analysis and interpretation of the electrocardiogram

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This is a very useful online tutorial from Queení¢’‚¬’„¢s University on the interpretation of the 12 lead ECG. Included within the tutorial is a logical system to approaching the ECG, which can prove invaluable when it comes to interpreting more complicated cases. There are also examples of the common ECGs that practising clinicians should know […]

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