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Medscape/Emedicine Dermatology


This site requires registration, but it is free and highly recommended. 킠The reference section has a comprehensive list of dermatology conditions and presents them in a standardised manner (overview, presentation, differential diagnosis [with easy links to these pages], workup, treatment and follow up). 킠There is also an education section with variable continuing medical education(CME) activities […]

British Association of Dermatologists (BAD)


Open access to patient information leaflets (click on patient information leaflets box on right hand side of screen)킠on most diseases affecting the skin. The leaflets are accurate and comprehensive enough to be used for learning by medical students but they are text only with no clinical photos.킠Specific information leaflets also contain links to further online […]

The UK eCKD Guide

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This digest of the NICE, SIGN and UK Renal Association guidelines on CKD aims to provide quick online support for the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease in the community.킠 It’s pretty good for quickly learning prioritisation and approach.킠 Its referral criteria are UK-specific and assume a high standard of primary care – though […]

Dermnet NZ


If you were to use just one on-line site for dermatology this would be it. 킠Contains a comprehensive A-Z topic index of dermatological conditions and their treatment, tutorials, quizzes/ questions (case based), powerpoints, on-line courses and links to other external resources. 킠The only criticism is that although there are lots of clinical photos, they are […]

Cleveland Clinic- Endocrinology


This text and diagram based web resource cover aspects of pathophysiology through to clinical management. It currently contains information on diabetes mellitus, diabetes foot disease, thyroid disease, obesity, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, calcium disorders, male hypogonadism, pituitary disorders and contains further suggested reading

Endotext.org- The Endocrine Source


This site describes itself as “The complete, authoritative, constantly updated, down-loadable source on clinical endocrinology”. It is certainly comprehensive with a massive amount of information cover all endocrine disease from pathophysiology through to clinical management, common to obscure. Each subject is divided into lots of subsections, so you have to do a few clicks to […]

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists


Society for American Association of Clincial Endocrinologists website. Useful for specialists in the field.



The home of diabetes care in England contain mainly information about national and local strategies. Has links to some policy documents and some local initiative case studies. Useful for health care professionals working in England in the area of diabetes.

WHO General Diabetes Info


The WHO has created pages for most global disease. This page gives some general information about diabetes, features some case examples, links to concesus documents and offers some facts and figures.

ECG library

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This resource provides good examples of almost every possible ECG you would expect to come across in clinical practice. The key points of each ECG are also highlighted below in order to help with interpretation. Some background history of the ECG is also included for those that are interested.  

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