Medscape is a large and successful US company supplying CME (CPD) and reference resources across a very broad range of specialties.킠 The reference articles tend to be each 15-30 minute reads.

The reference resources include many ‘textbook’ style articles on a whole range of medical specialties.킠 The presentational style is annoying, in a long column even if you are reading it on a widescreen PC, with topics broken into many sections that you can only unite by pretending you are about to print them.

The quality is very patchy and the editorial control does not appear to be consistent.킠 Many chapters in the renal section are very listy and pathologically based, but without the rigour and depth you might hope for in that type of article.킠 Others are excellent.킠 So enjoy with caution.

Behind a login that is quite difficult to obtain, requiring faxing of your professional registration certificate etc, are the Educational resources.킠 Some of these are excellent.킠 There is a very high quality series of case presentations with learning points, extended background material, and CME certificates; also some good reviews in this section (but probably to be interpreted each with caution). 킠 All free to registered medical practioners.

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10-30 mins

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